Newspaper is a co-curricular that produces the online and print edition of The McHenry Messenger. The class meets each day to plan, pitch, report, write, edit, and post stories most relevant to the MCHS community.


Advisor: Mr. Erbach

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The McHenry Messenger has been MCHS's student newspaper since 2019, and has earned recognition at the state and national level.

The Messenger is always looking for writers, photographers, and illustrators to contribute to the paper on a freelance level. Reach out to Mr. Dane Erbach for more information.


Students interested in joining the Messenger's staff are encouraged to take the class Introduction to Journalism, where they will learn the basics about newsworthiness, ethics, and writing in a journalistic style. Teachers can also recommend qualified students waive the prerequisite. Reach out to your counselor to learn more about enrolling in Newspaper.